Monday, December 27, 2010

Rudolph the M&M Nosed Reindeer

Lacking an oven, my options for making Christmas goodies was severely hindered.

But, since the quarantine has been over, my local shops have been stocked with new and exciting products (ORANGES! SLICED BREAD! CARROTS!). One day I found pretzels. So, I bought the shop out. 7 bags of pretzels, a bag of delicious M&M's (courtesy of the Palazzo's (package received and thoroughly enjoyed... watch the mailbox in the coming weeks)), and 9 bars of chocolate later... I made some reindeers for my students!

As close I could come to cookies... but my students (and I) will attest to the fact that they were deLISHious.

(I. Want. Snickerdoodles. Now.)

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