Monday, December 27, 2010

Rudolph the M&M Nosed Reindeer

Lacking an oven, my options for making Christmas goodies was severely hindered.

But, since the quarantine has been over, my local shops have been stocked with new and exciting products (ORANGES! SLICED BREAD! CARROTS!). One day I found pretzels. So, I bought the shop out. 7 bags of pretzels, a bag of delicious M&M's (courtesy of the Palazzo's (package received and thoroughly enjoyed... watch the mailbox in the coming weeks)), and 9 bars of chocolate later... I made some reindeers for my students!

As close I could come to cookies... but my students (and I) will attest to the fact that they were deLISHious.

(I. Want. Snickerdoodles. Now.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Nine Nines

According to Mongolians, winter lasts for 81 days. It starts on December 22nd and goes through 9 phases of 9 days each. I'm 5 days in... and freezing my tookus off.

First 9: It gets so cold that Mongolian Milk Vodka freezes.

Second 9: It gets to cold that Russian vodka freezes.

Third 9: It's so cold that the tail of a 3 year old ox freezes.

Fourth 9: The horns of a 4 year old ox freeze.

Fifth 9: It's starts to get warmer here... Now, boiled rice will no longer freeze.

Sixth 9: Roads become visible again (ha, what roads?)

Seventh 9: Hilltops become visible again.

Eighth 9: The ground becomes damp.

Ninth 9: It's warm again! (Probably finally breaches 10 degrees)

Note: The first 9 is where it becomes so cold that Sarah's eyelashes freeze together due to the condensation from her breath. Can't wait to see what freezes during the second 9.

Just Dancin' and Singin'

Last Saturday, the teachers and the students put on a fabulous dancing competition. I surely never tired of the endless awesome costumes and the adorable first grade cuties dancing around, but I tell ya... 8 hours is a loooong time for anything.

Votes on the best costumes?

The Judges... They look thrilled, no?

My counterpart's ADORABLE daughter.

A Sea of (Mongolian) Faces

Some of my fourth graders... aren't they precious

This is Dilguun's dance number... he's on the right in the front.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

To The Skirtzka.

So the other day we had a teacher's sport competition, a jolly good time. During volleyball, my team was starting to lose focus so we called a Time Out.

The team captain started goin off in rapid Mongolian while I stared at my shoes. I was thinking about the Frog.

Suddenly, he stopped talking and everyone looked at me.

I said, "Ribbit."

Pretty sure they think I'm crazy. Well, not too far from the truth I suppose.

We came back and won that game, FYI.

Some random photogs...

And that's not even the coldest it's gotten... and my ger is about 35 degrees in the morn. Lovely.
My neighbors staged this picture. They told me to show it to my family as proof that i can make a fire (a running joke amongst volunteers is the question, "Can you make a fire?" In a typical Mongolian interaction with anyone at anytime, revolves around three questions: "How are you? Are you cold? And can you make a fire?" Yes, for goodness sake, we can make a fire. If we couldn't we'd be dead.)

My neighbor Shinee, my other counterpart, Zolaa, and me in my Christmased out ger.

Sure is gettin crowded up there!

A Mongolian Rubix cube. A friend of mine gave me this for Christmas... I worked on it for 5 days straight and COULD NOT get it. Shinee had it in her hands for 3 minutes and solved it. Grrrrr.

Bawwww. Cutie Patootie.

The Road to Dariganga.
Thanksgiving Burritos! Yum!

The Thanksgivin' Bunch

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon... In Winter!

So my bestie and I took a walk around town... in the freezing cold. Here's what Dariganga looks like these days...

Dilguun pretending to fall in the ice and scaring the living bejeesus outta me...

That is a lake in front of me. Froooozen.

Silly Boy

"I (don't) Got Worms!"

I'm sad to announce that Norman is no-more. When I returned from IST, he was simply gone. My neighbors told me that one night he disappeared.

Oh well. I didn't really want a dog.

But then I met Lloyd. Lloyd is a timid, shy, and ridiculously adorable puppy that kept getting beaten up by all the other doggies. So I rescued him and now I love him.

Meet Lloyd Christmas!

Lloyd is a big pansy. He's scared of the wind. As a result, negative reinforcement works wonders on him. In less than a week, I had him totally potty trained!

He's also a huge momma's boy (perhaps Norman Bates would have been more appropriate for him than the other Norman). He whines when I leave and gets wicked excited when I come home. He also likes to snuggle in my lap and snuggle in my sleeping bag when I sleep! He's so frickin adorable.

He also will spend HOURS chasing his tail. He's so stupid... it's very endearing. Lloyd suffers from what Douglas Adams refers to as a "Logical Loop." Lloyd's thought process is such:

"Oh! What is that?? I will bite it!"

and then...

"Ouch! Something bit me!"

and then...

"Oh! What is that?? I will bite it!"

and so on and so forth.

The loop is a result of 2 factors. 1) Lloyd has yet to figure out that these two thoughts are related and 2) Lloyd does not experience boredom, thus enabling him to do this for EVER.


I brought him with me to the aimag because I don't want to lose him. If you skype me, you can meet him in person!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Mongolia!

I received a card from my school director that read, "At this special time of year, may the Hope and Joy in your heart be Renewed."

It touched me deeply. I miss so much during the holidays... hot chocolate, pumpkins, christmas songs, christmas trees, fires (that are not necessary for survival), 24 hours Christmas marathons, and watching Storm Chasers all day while building puzzles and ugly sweaters. And more than anything, spending time with family and friends.

I had a bit of a mental breakdown on the 24th... I wanted sooo bad to be in America with all of you guys. It was a rough day, but now I'm in the aimag celebrating Christmas the best we can (i.e. going to the karaoke bar and singing every Christmas song in the book).

I'm very happy to be in the presence of other Americans right now, but know that I'd give my right arm to spend just one quick day at home in America with all you.

Happy Holidays, all!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Home - where my thoughts escape me...

So, apologies for the horrendous blogging I have been doing lately. I should have been posting when I had the chance, but alas... the lure of the city (and it's vegetarian options, open air black markets, and a night-life that consisted of more than binge drinking vodka in your home) kept me busy every day... not to mention it was swarming with American Peace Corps volunteers, whom I clung to as though I wouldn't have contact with them for another 8 months. Oh wait...

It was sad to realize that the next time we would all be together again would be for MST - Mid Service Training - next August. Until then, I suppose I'll just have to deal with the motley bunch I was cast as sitemates here in the BU (just jokes, y'all... I could not have asked for better sitemates and that's the truth!).

Now, I am once again awaiting the phone call that will tell me I am leaving RIGHT NOW! and then I will head back to my popsicle of a ger where I imagine I will spend a few hours shivering miserably while everything thaws. I get to return to my Norman and my Dilguun and my students, which I am very excited for. I did miss my site a lot and really do consider it to be my home.

To be honest, when I left Dariganga a month ago, I was burnt out. Really needed that vacay. But IST and being with my friends again has totally revived me. When I get back to site my counterpart and I are starting a variety of clubs and activities and such, so at the very least I'll be occupied and perhaps a few will learn English in the process. :)

Also, I'm super excited to announce that the Minnesotan in me is bringing broomball to Dariganga. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before but, everyone has brooms! Everyone has a ball! And we all have a giant frozen lake! It's going to be like GAC all over again... except outside. And probably a lot less English. But just as much booze, I'm sure.

Hokey - long boring post sans pictures because Smartypants McGee over here left her computer charger at the hostel, which means until I get that back... oh boy. I don't even want to think of the implications of being without my computer (no music... no movies... no games... eeeek!) Luckily, enough of you darling folk have sent me books. I'll probably burn through those over this next month.

Goodness I'm being long winded today. I'm done. I'm going back to Dariganga sometime today and I am going to try my hardest to be back here for Christmas. We shall seeeee.

Thanks for tunin in and I'll see ya when I see ya!

Sarah, TafKap, or Snag... depending on how you know me. mwah!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Don't Stop UB'in

Loneliness and boredom has taken it's toll on all of us here in Mongolia. It was real fun learning how everybody dealt with that... A dear good friend changed the lyrics of "Don't Stop Believin" to "Don't Stop UB'in." It is a gem of a song.

I just discovered that the cord connecting my external to my computer also works with my camera!


So, I'm still in UB. My counterpart and I just wrapped up a week long training seminar at a fancy resort in the hills with all the other TEFL volunteers. It was a raging good time to be with all my friends again.

Beautiful, yea?

A few days before the seminar, PC-Mongolia flooded the city to celebrate Thanksgiving... turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie (oh myyyy). The food was delicious, the company was great, but I assure you that all you back home were on my mind the entire day. Being separated from all y'all that I love dearly has made me more thankful than ever that I have such wonderful people in my life. The letters, the packages, even the short emails that I check 2 months late reminding me that I am missed mean so much to me. I am so thankful to have such a great support system back home.

I am especially thankful for family these days (and I'm not just mocking you Michelle... :) ). Mom and Dad, your packages and phone calls may be my saving grace here in Mongolia. You guys have done and continue to do so much for me, even if I am half a world away. I can't possible express how much it means to me. I love you guys very much.

Sappiness aside, I had a funny sort of moment here in Mongolia over Thanksgiving. I love hearing that you all read my blog and are taking such an invested interest in my travels. But get this... A fellow PCV approached me over Thanksgiving and informed me that his Mongolian counterpart is also following this blog. I am so flattered! I felt that the blog would be for introducing you all to Mongolian culture, but it excites me so much to know that it is working the other way, too. Best part, though... Tom's counterpart bought me a Christmas gift... a jar of peanut butter :)

So, a thank you so much, Batjargal! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. I absolutely enjoyed that peanut butter!

I promised a photo blog. But i have yet to take pictures. Sorry. I suck. Today I will! (Ummm maybe:) )

I go back to the soum in 2 days, so skype me soon!

Another dear good friend changed the lyrics of Paul Simon's "America" to "Mongolia." So goodbye for now you fabulous people, I love and am truly thankful for you all. Now, "I'm gone to look for Mongolia."


Quarantine Schmuarantine.

The quarantine has been lifted, huzzah!

Now on to new challenges, such as untravelable roads due to snow and the like.