Friday, May 20, 2011

Springtime in Mongolia

Greetings y'all.

I apologize for the lack of bloggin lately. I have been to the aimag and UB, but I was quite distracted with good food and good friends (which is almost always paired with good... or bad... beer). Anyhow...

It's sadly, still spring in Mongolia. Which is just a horrible combination of winter and summer. You know that expression in the Midwest? If you don't like the weather... wait five minutes? In Mongolia it's... If you don't like the weather, wait 15 seconds.




Also, springtime in Mongolia supports the theory of "Spring Fever." Nearly 1/3rd of my teachers are pregnant. This includes my neighbor Shinee (Dilguun's mom... I told her I was excited to get a new baby brother or sister) and my counterpart Anhaa. Every time I hear about another pregnancy, I exclaim, "Yanaa! Everybody is pregnant!"

To which they reply, "Yes! Everybody is pregnant. You should be too!" Good God. Peer pressuring at it's absolute worst.

These days, I'm finishing up school (which is an ultra-chaotic event...classes are constantly changing at the drop of dime, I never know when I should be teaching) while training for a sport competition that takes place at the beginning of June. This training includes 6am runs, 2 pm aerobics practice, and 6pm volleyball. The 3rd of June cannot come fast enough.

This summer I'll be teaching at a camp for 20 days in my soum (many of my friends are going to come and help... very excited) and so we've been prepping for that for the last month or so.

That's about it for now... I'm only here for today and a bit tomorrow, so I'll leave you with a few pictures to hold you over for a bit.

My big baby :)

My friend Nymaa describes Lloyd as "Ball bakhgui nohoi" which mean no ball dog.

My and my favo... ahem... 9th grade students at their graduation


When It Snows, Ain't it Thrillin?

(May 18th, 2011)

Not in May, it isn't.