Saturday, December 25, 2010

"I (don't) Got Worms!"

I'm sad to announce that Norman is no-more. When I returned from IST, he was simply gone. My neighbors told me that one night he disappeared.

Oh well. I didn't really want a dog.

But then I met Lloyd. Lloyd is a timid, shy, and ridiculously adorable puppy that kept getting beaten up by all the other doggies. So I rescued him and now I love him.

Meet Lloyd Christmas!

Lloyd is a big pansy. He's scared of the wind. As a result, negative reinforcement works wonders on him. In less than a week, I had him totally potty trained!

He's also a huge momma's boy (perhaps Norman Bates would have been more appropriate for him than the other Norman). He whines when I leave and gets wicked excited when I come home. He also likes to snuggle in my lap and snuggle in my sleeping bag when I sleep! He's so frickin adorable.

He also will spend HOURS chasing his tail. He's so stupid... it's very endearing. Lloyd suffers from what Douglas Adams refers to as a "Logical Loop." Lloyd's thought process is such:

"Oh! What is that?? I will bite it!"

and then...

"Ouch! Something bit me!"

and then...

"Oh! What is that?? I will bite it!"

and so on and so forth.

The loop is a result of 2 factors. 1) Lloyd has yet to figure out that these two thoughts are related and 2) Lloyd does not experience boredom, thus enabling him to do this for EVER.


I brought him with me to the aimag because I don't want to lose him. If you skype me, you can meet him in person!

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