Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Nine Nines

According to Mongolians, winter lasts for 81 days. It starts on December 22nd and goes through 9 phases of 9 days each. I'm 5 days in... and freezing my tookus off.

First 9: It gets so cold that Mongolian Milk Vodka freezes.

Second 9: It gets to cold that Russian vodka freezes.

Third 9: It's so cold that the tail of a 3 year old ox freezes.

Fourth 9: The horns of a 4 year old ox freeze.

Fifth 9: It's starts to get warmer here... Now, boiled rice will no longer freeze.

Sixth 9: Roads become visible again (ha, what roads?)

Seventh 9: Hilltops become visible again.

Eighth 9: The ground becomes damp.

Ninth 9: It's warm again! (Probably finally breaches 10 degrees)

Note: The first 9 is where it becomes so cold that Sarah's eyelashes freeze together due to the condensation from her breath. Can't wait to see what freezes during the second 9.

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