Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Remember, remember the... 9th of every month

Y'all remember those letters you stuffed into envelopes for me to open on the 9th of every month? Well, I can't tell you how excited I am when the 9th of a month rolls around... and so are my neighbors. They enjoy looking at your drawings and picking out words they recognize just as much as I enjoy reading the cards.

This blog is about those cards.

Every month, after opening one of the envelopes, I tape all the cards together and hang them from the rafters of my ger. Pretty soon, I am going to have no more rafter space...

Some have made me very nostalgic, some have made me miss home greatly, and some... well, some are just downright entertaining (I know Seymour Bunz is you, Weston).

I have photographed some of my favorites to share with you all... do you remember writing them?

Wes, you suck.

Workin on it, Frank.

Sorry, buddy... it might be awhile!

Background story: When I studied abroad in Rome, I left my fishy with Marie to babysit. He, unfortunately, didn't make it. I do not blame you for that Marie!!

Whoever wrote this... also sucks. However, I have seen the latest installment of HP and LOVED it!

I haven't eaten yak yet! At least, I don't think I have. I have yaked a wide variety of other things though!

I wonder who wrote this...


I also just received one that read, "It's January now and everybody is getting ready to watch the Bears win the Superbowl." Yeaaaaa. About that...

And finally, I got one from neighbor Haley about Mongolian birthdays. She asked how they celebrated birthdays here and how is was similar or different from how we celebrate.

Well, birthdays usually involve family, food, presents... pretty similar to America. The food is much much different though... no cake. No ice cream. Just meat and beer. Mmmm. Also, presents tend to be candy, from what I have witnessed. It's not as big of a deal here... people don't host birthday parties for their friends, but it is still celebrated to a lesser extent.

Thank you all for all your thoughtful cards... I look forward to reading them every month!

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  1. Yay! I made the blog!! Love seeing the pictures and reading about your crazy adventures.