Friday, January 28, 2011



I've been chillin in UB for a few days now... takin in the sites and eating delicious food. I'm headed to the opera tonight, so I'm looking forward to that. Here are some random pictures I want to share with you all... enjoy!

Monument in UB. When I first stumbled upon it, I was stunned. The Beatles have never been to Mongolia...

Mural at an awesome breakfast joint called "IHOPE" (slogan: Come Hungry. Leave Happy.) Certainly love staring at that while I eat.

Close up of one of the figures in the mural... Look familiar? Apparently, originally the guy in the purple vest was painted as George Bush and the guy Ms. Palin is dancing with was Obama. But then they thought that was too political and are in the process of changing the faces. Real glad I snapped a shot of this before she got painted over, though.

Ice Sculpture in UB. Will probably still be standing for another 3 months.

Really AWESOME phenomenon called a "Sun Dog." It happens to a much lesser extent everywhere, but cold places tend to see really intense ones. Sometimes, it looks like there are 3 suns in the sky. It's really cool.

Teacher's Karaoke and Aerobic Competition!

Their aerobics outfits... soooo glad I wasn't on that team. Our outfits were pretty fabulous, though. It included sparkly ribbons tied to our hair, necks, wrists, and ankles. We totally got 1st, too. (Sorry, no pictures... My camera was still in my ger at that point).

Like the boots? They are felt and even without socks, your feet will sweat in them. And they are just as fashionable as they look.


My Karaoke Team. We got 2nd (I was not on the karaoke team, clearly)

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