Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me: Man, It's Cold...

Loyal Blog Followers: How cold is it, Sarah?


So cold that when a LARGE Mongolian (easily 200 pounds) sat down in the seat next to me (and half of mine as well) I was not ticked off like I would have been in the States.

No, I was thankful for my rotund bus buddy as he blocked the draft from the door and provided a source of heat (my bus apparently did not have working heat... that was 11 hours of being able to see my breath).

It is so cold that I am willing to snuggle with large strange men on buses to keep warm.

Anywho, hello everybody! I write to you from a delightfully warm hostel where I am checking emails, digesting a burger, and regaining feeling in my extremities. I will be here until Sunday, when I head back to my soum to celebrate Tsagaan Sar, or White Month, the Mongolian equivalent to Thanksgiving (only with buutz and vodka instead of a delicious variety of food and drink).

Well, that's where I am at now... If you get a chance, I'm sure I'd love to catch up with you on skype or facebook or email!

Until then,



My neighbor, Bajay, decided one day that I needed a Mongolian name. I was slightly confused because Sarah (or Сараа) is a legit Mongolian name, but all Mongolians have two names, so I was in need of another.

I am now known as Sarantsetseg ( or Сараанцэцэг) which literally translates into "Moon Flower."

So, to quote the skunk from Bambi, "You can call me (moon) Flower".

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