Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lloyd! Lloyd!

You can't triple stamp a double stamp! Lloyd!

I'm totally one of those parents now who only talks about how great her kid is and wants to show everybody pictures that they couldn't really care less about.

But here is the cutest best puppy EVER and you all better love him. If you say one bad thing about him... Oh, just kidding! But really...

So goofy sometimes.

Lloyd heard the camera click and stretched in his sleep... he fell right out of my bed onto the floor!

One of his ears has flipped... Not sure why... but isn't he even cuter now??

Silly boy... that's your tail!

I don't even care that you are chewing on my hair tie... you are adorable.

It's ok! I'll just sleep on the floor!

My counterpart said, "Lloyd is lucky dog." You can say that again sister.


  1. He's too cute! Do you get to keep him.

  2. He is so cute! I love him! He has to be wonderful to snuggle up with!!!

  3. I don't know about keeping him... we'll talk about that in 2 years...

    But if i continue to adore this dog as much as I do now... i'm not going to want to leave him behind. :(