Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, that was fun.

But all good things must end sometimes, right? I head back to the soum sometime today with my counterpart, Lloyd, and all my yummy goodies from UB.

This upcoming week is a MEGA Mongolian holiday called Tsagaan Sar, literally "White Month." Think Halloween meets Thanksgiving meets Christmas. It's a 3 day long celebration where you go from house to house giving gifts, taking shots of vodka, and eating buutz. I'll tell you more about it next time I'm in town.

Which could very well not be until March.

All of you with letters on the table, stamped and ready to go, MAIL THEM ALREADY! :)

So, it was good chatting with all of you and I'll see you again in March!

Moon Flower

PS. Since it's next to impossible to get my little doggie to UB, the vet just gave me the vaccinations and syringes to do it myself. Luckily my sitemate is a nurse and was wicked excited to do this for me. Lloyd is the healthiest and prettiest pup this side Gobi Desert.

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