Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Post is Boring.


I'm currently staying in a hostel overrun by French backpackers... I'm starting to get all these languages crossed.

So, I'm in UB... and it's magical. I bought soy milk. I can buy peppers and eggplant and popcorn and any type of bean I can think of (although I haven't seen garbanzo... I want me some hummus!), FRESH twix bars. There is REAL coffee, wireless internet, paved roads, restaurants with more than just huushuur on the menu, and alcohol selections that VARY. Oy. I'm so overwhelmed by the choices (I'm going to stand dumbfounded in the entry way to Jewel when come home).

Anyhow, this Thursday is Thanksgiving and Peace Corps is hosting a fantastic party, complete with turkey and pumpkin pie! I'm so so so pumped for it. Most PCV's claim it is the best meal they eat for 2 years.

Today, I am off to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a visa. I'm going to Hong Kong to visit with a dear friend and eat some yummy Chinese food in March. Real excited for that one. Also, I've been pickin up some awesome postcards and knick knacks so keep those eyes on your mailboxes! I am also about to head to a cozy little cafe to drink some delish coffee and pretend that I'm in a Starbucks in the States. I intend to take a bunch o pics today, so look out for a photo blog soon.

Well, that's what I'm up to now. Still rolling in the glory that is internet, so if you want to talk... I'm here!

Over and Out

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