Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back in the BU

Why, hello!

I am back in the BU (Baruun-Urt, the aimag of Sukhbaatar), enjoying spending time with friends, internetting, and eating foods that are a variety of colors. It's fantastic.

Despite the assurance I get from my counterpart ("The animal sickness is getting better"), my soum is still under quarantine. It has affected my mail delivery, my fuel delivery, my food supply and now my school schedule. Twice I got called in on Saturday to teach classes . When I inquired why, I was told it was because of the animal sickness. Our week long break has also been extended a second week. And the week after that is a conference in UB for all the TEFL PCV's, so basically I have the next month off. I plan on going to visit my host family and tearing up UB for a while (burgers, internet, and good beer, oh my!). It will be so refreshing to get out of my ger and teeny tiny town.

Speaking of my ger, I absolutely dread going back to it after a month of not heating it.

I am with-internet for the next few weeks! Hop on skype or email me or facebook or ANYTHING because I will response, yippee!

Kisses, Sarah

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