Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little o' this, little o' that....

Some random photogs for you darlings back home.

The girl on the left is Anhaa, the other English teacher. She asked me to do a family portrait for them. So they get all decked out and gussied up and invite me into the photo, unshowered and in a t-shirt. Lovely. ...One of these things is not like the others...

My English Board. Guess which part I was in charge of.

Banner in my classroom. They are so proud of it... I haven't had to heart to tell them it isn't exactly correct...

Excerpt from an English textbook.

This is my school!

My counterpart's B-Day present to me - a Mongolian Magic 8-Ball. Those are the anklebones of sheep. Each side has its own corresponding animal. Here I show you all four animals... a horse, a camel, a goat, and sheep. You ask the bones a question and then roll them onto the mat. Then, figure out what you rolled and look up your answer on the sheet. The English is terrible so it's a pretty funny game.

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  1. "His high checkbones show he likes traveling."