Monday, November 15, 2010

Google Maps is da Best.

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So, this is Dariganga! Here we see Altan Ovoo, the sacred mountain (which is actually a volcano, turns out) I keep tellin y'all about. The big lake is Song Lake, named after it's guitar shape. That's where I went to take all the swan photos. The long river-y thing starts on the left with a natural spring and feeds into Song Lake. Those speckles to the left of the mountain is my town! My ger is the third speckle from the front.

This is the BU. That yellow line apparently suggests a road between my soum and the aimag, but I assure you there is no such thing. Also, the ride is just as exciting as it looks on this map (to anyone who has had the thrill of driving through Iowa... V - you know what I mean.)

The BU to UB. Again, the yellow line is deceptive. 2/3rds of this trip through the country on dirt roads. It's 12 hours, if you were wondering.

Mongorrrria. It's huge.

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