Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Say Tomato, I say...

улаан лооль.

As you can probably imagine, communication is difficult. My mongolian language, according to my neighbors, is getting better. Ehhhhh... perhaps. What's more likely is they are getting better at understanding me.

But to my point.

My life is a giant game of taboo.

For those of you who have never played, taboo is a hecka fun game. You are given a word, such as tomato and you are given a list of taboo words, such as red, fruit, ketchup, and sauce. Now you must get your team to guess the word tomato without saying the taboo words.

Seeing as how my vocabulary is lacking, I am often using other words to describe the word I do not know.

For example, I needed the projector to watch a movie in one of my classes. I did not know the word for projector. So, when talking to my director, I said in mongolian, "I want to watch a movie in class. I need the big, white, TV." She says, "Aaaaaah, тийм байна, прожктор" which, transliterated, is "Aaaaaaah, teem bain, projector."

Go figure.

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