Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?

Lloyd tom bolj bain, says everybody.

It's true. Lloyd is getting big. Unfortunately, my ger is not growing with him.

Maw and Paw sent Lloyd an awesome nametag and a rawhide bone. However, turns out the bone wasn't too necessary seeing as how Lloyd often returns to my haasha with a bone he found himself. Sometimes I forget Lloyd's a Mongolian dog until I come home to him gnawing on a cow skull. We used to buy cow hooves from PetSmart for Bailey and Ruby (which they loved). I laughed when Lloyd brought home his very own cow hoof, found right out my ger.

He's out grown his doggie bed! Which simply means you all need to send bigger packages so Lloyd has a place to sleep.

Attractive. Note that Lloyd still does not have any balls. I guess dog's balls drop anywhere from infancy to 10 months. And when that happens, his voice will probably drop an octave and he will grow hair in awkward places. Ahhh puberty.

I left Lloyd tied in my haasha. He was being fed by Bajay and Shinee, but I just ran into them in the aimag two days ago. I asked how Lloyd was and they said he was happy and playing with his friends. They assured me that lil Dilguun was taking care of him while they were gone. Phew, I thought.

Three hours later, I thought... who is taking care of Dilguun?

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