Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scenes from the Fall

Glimpses of my life in September and October:

This is Scarface. His face is full of scars. Anyhow, he is everywhere. He hung out with all of us this summer at camp. When I walk to the mountain, he meets me there. When Nate and I hiked out to the lake, Scarface accompanied us, literally appearing out of nowhere.

Nate came to visit! Fences and Nate don't usually get along.

Meet Larry, Moe, Curly, and Shep. Every time I hike to this lake, I run into these horses and this donkey. Last year, it was just the 2 horses and the donkey and the obvious trio to name them after was the Stooges (guess which one is Curly!). This year, a new horsey was added to the gang, hence Shep.

Stare Off.

Lloyd's newest friend. The white neighbor dog has been dubbed "Harry Dunn." This lil pup is named "Mary Swanson."

Huh. I've named an awful lot of animals...

Dilguun and his new harmonica! I regretted giving that to him almost immediately.

Shillin Bogd. Coolest place in Dariganga. That mountain in the background is China! Also, it's not a mountain. It's a volcanic crater! This part of Mongolia is full of them. Shilin Bogd is a holy mountain (but women can climb it, hooray!). Since it is the highest point in the East, Mongolians climb it as dawn to receive the first sunlight into Mongolia.

So many volcanic craters! I bet back in the day this place was as raging as that scene from Fantasia when the Earth was being made.

Some of Mongolia's finest. Shilin Bogd is on the Chinese border so these guys guard the area.

From left: Jessica, Nymaa, Davaa, Mogie, Bonnie, Me, Kate

This is Ganga Nuur. It's the biggest lake in Dariganga. On my left is Erka, Zolaa's husband. To my right, Bajay. We are standing next to the spring that feeds the lake. You are supposed to pray to it. Bajay asked me what I prayed for. I said, a warm winter. I asked him back. He said "A husband for you." They will not be happy until I am married with 12 kids.

First day of school! The tiny cutie in the middle is Zolaa's daughter.

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