Saturday, November 12, 2011


Happy Halloween from Dariganga! This year, Zolaa and myself put on a wicked a Halloween party (on November 1st, but whatevs). I may have mentioned this before, but the only thing Mongolians love more than vodka is a good competition. So, this Halloween party turned into all the different classes competing against each other in various Halloween-themed games for fortune and glory... or rather apple cider and a gallon bag Smarties. The picture above is a class shot of 7a.

Competition #1. Pumpkin painting! Or balloon drawing...

Competition #2: Bite the apple. The adults in the crowd LOVED this game. They were upset when they realized I had only bought enough apples for the students.

Competition 3: Dance-off. It's not a Mongolian party until there is a dance competition. I had made a spooky Halloween mix for the competition, but it was vetoed almost immediately in favor of some techno korean jams.

Competition 4: Costume contest. Obviously the girl on the left won. Most of the other kids just painted their faces oddly. But Buyna literally drove children out of the gym in tears with her costumes. Buyna won the individual contest, but Bajay's class won over all:

Competition 5: Pin the nose on the pumpkin... I was chaperoning at the time... Sorry, no pics!

Clearly is was a spooky good time. Bajay's class ended up winning overall and took home the Goblet of Apple Cider as a prize.

The next day in class, some of the students who took my permanent markers without asking still had faded traces of Halloween on their faces.

Me and Bajay. I forgot my costume at home, sadly. Also, Bajay made more than 1 kid cry with this mask. No joke.

Another class pic!

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