Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Roast a Marmot

Find and empty contents of Marmot.

Fill Marmot with previously emptied Marmot meat, fiery hot stones, onions, and an obscene amount of salt.

Tie 'er up.

While the fiery hot stone cook the inside, take measures to roast the outside. In this demonstration, a blowtorch was used.

Air leaking out somewhere? Whittle yourself a little plug and stop that leak!

What a hairless, headless beauty.

Clean 'er up...

Slice 'er open... and enjoy!


  1. so does the hair burn off enough that you eat the outside too? or just the inside?

  2. 1) Did it taste good?
    2) Do you think this technique could be applied to squirrels?

  3. Ya ya. you burn all the hair off.

    1. It was salty. It wasn't the worst, but I probably won't be eating it again.
    2. And yes, I'd imagine any medium to large furry rodent could be used as a substitute if marmots are lacking in your town. They are a bit difficult to come by sometimes.