Friday, October 8, 2010

Ger Sweet Ger...

There she is! Home sweet home!

The Panoramic View

Door, water barrel, and "bathroom"

My desk

"Kitchen" - the bright green bin is my tumpun... where i bathe and do my laundry.

Fuel for the fire. It's Cow Dung.

The rafters of my ger... where all your letters end up :)

My bookshelf, complete with pictures of all you folk I miss at home

This is my home for the next two years! It is real small, but I like it. Notice that I am sleeping on 2x4s again... I am going to need the name of a good chiropractor when I get back. Anyhow, my ger is a community hot spot... As I mentioned in previous posts, privacy isn't quite understood here. I get lots of visitors all the time from teachers to neighbors to students to curious community members who want to know what an American looks like. It is really frustrating at times, but I can't change a culture so I had better be getting used to it. They LOVE to look at pictures of all of you guys. My photo album is always being flipped through. It's comforting to me too... I get to describe all the important people in my life while looking at pictures of everyone I love and miss. The Mongolians are impressed with all you blondies... Amar horhoon... How beautiful! They also ask me about every single boy in the album... In chinny nohor bain uu?... Is this your husband? I've given up... Yes, Pat, Adam, and Stephen, you have all been introduced as my husband at some point.

Well that's my home! Come visit and I can give you a REAL tour!

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