Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Tension

And I’m on the move again!

I’ve left Niramayam Farm with a whole slew of crazy new ideas in my head and I’m off to learn some more. But before I scoot off to where ever I decide to go next, I’m bumming in McLeod Ganj for a while. It’s hard not to bum around considering there are more cafes than dogs in this town (and there are plenty of dogs). And all the cafes have… coffee! and wifi! and carrot cake! Not joking about the carrot cake. And it’s really really good, too. Oh, the above pic is the view from my hotel balcony. It's not so bad. (But you pay for added little benefits like a stunning view... my room is 110 rupees per night. Do the conversion. I dare you.)

So things to do in Mcleod Ganj. Volunteer. I’ve been helping with various English teaching related things with Tibetan refugees and I hear there’s a soup kitchen in town that I intend to check out. Yoga. I went to a yoga class which was very nice. Hikin. That’s been my primary activity. There are many villages and such to walk to around here where you can get some amazing mountain views and see some village life and if you hike high enough, you can even see some snow (I wanted to hike up that high a few days ago, but the weather was unpermitting… now I have to wait for some of the snow to melt because the path is pretty impassable at the moment). And eating! Heh.

Here you go. Enjoy some pictures.

Now look at this little gem I found in a bookshop here...

Oh, the title of this post refers to the most important lesson I learned on Niramayam Farm: No Tension. The workers had pretty limited English, but among their handful of awesome sayings (“Full Power!” “Chapatti Master!” “Night Duty”) was “No Tension.”

So don’t worry! Relax! No Tension!

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    For the record, Spring Training has started!!