Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick update!

Heya folks!

I'm sorry about my real horrible bloggin lately, but I've been busy! Seriously! I've been volunteering at a sweet organization called Project Kajsiab, where EMPOWERMENT is the name of the game. I met many a wonderful person and ate a lot of good food (there is a theme running through most of my posts, eh?).

Anyway, I have more pictures than I know what to do with, but BLOGGER WON'T LET ME UPLOAD THEM. I've reached my quota or something lame like that. I will look into it, I swear, but until then you are going to have to wait a little longer.

Also, I am not feeling very inclined to write about anything nice right now because I'm still reeling from the biggest failure of my adult life. I told y'all I was going to Myanmar, and I did, but you won't be hearing any stories or seeing any pictures anytime soon. I spent all of 24 hours there before it became necessary to leave. I'm totally fine, so don't worry. It was just one disaster after another from the train to the airport, to the sterile quarantine room at the airport, to the damn money exchangers, to the lack of foreign banks, to the hold on my bank account, to the sheer chaos that Yangon currently is.

Sigh. Much of it was my fault and I feel as though writing this on my blog is a confession of sorts. Travelling is hard and so far I've done a good job (I think), but I got had in Myanmar. Myanmar:1 Sarah:0

Now I'm in Bangkok (again), beating my head against the wall and trying to decide what to do next. When I'm in a happier mood, I'll write about Kajsiab because the people involved with Kajsiab deserve a post worthy of the good they are doing.

Until next time,

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  1. Hey Sarah, I've never met you, but the family tree says I'm your third cousin or something like that. I'm flying out of Denver, Colorado October 31st to Bangkok with a one way ticket. Just wanted to say I've been enjoying the first hand accounts of what I'm about to see!
    Happy travels!
    -Jordan Moore