Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dream Eco Camp

Camp #3.

Dream Eco Camp was set in a sleepy soum called Batsumber in Tov aimag. It was a gorgeous place... rivers, mountains, forests. Unfortunately it also came stocked full of children.

Just kidding, but really... I was wickedly camped-out by this point.

So here are some pics and a story or two about Dream Eco Camp:

The theme this year was "The Chipmunks." So the kids were split into 3 teams:



And... Teathor...

We also got sweet shirts!

The camp was also stocked with inspirational signs:

I was on Team Alvin:

Team Leader: Who are we?
Alvins: Super Alvins!
Team Leader: What's our motto?
Alvins: The Super Alvin Team is strong!
We have fun all day long!
With our friends, we will grin!
And with teamwork, we will win!

I say Super! You say Alvin! Super! Alvin!

Ok- weird story: So I have found many of your Mongolian Dopplegangers. Britt, I found you. And you Stephen. And Pat Gaetz, too. Oh, and you too Karen. Here is the first picture I've taken of these dopplegangers... Call me crazy Mrs. Palazzo... but I see Connor and Brady circa 2006.

The photographer came and insisted we make a human pyramid. The Mongolians were a little over confident.


Ahhh, much better.

Some Americans enjoying the heck outta that porch.

My first YAK sighting!

The kids at this camp were incredibly talented.

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