Thursday, June 2, 2011

One down, One to go


I started writing a nice thoughtful post about how I felt one year ago, my hesitations and excitements, but frankly, that ain't me. I think that first exclamation accurately and rather thoroughly describes how I feel about the whole deal.

Seriously. Holy Crap.

Right now, 70 some nervous and excited Americans are on their way to Mongolia to start their service as M-22s (the 22 group of volunteers in Mongolia). Caaarazzzy! (Can't wait to meet all of you!)

Also, a group of accomplished and probably exhausted Americans are getting ready to head back to their States after their 2 year service is finished. (Already miss you all!)

It's a weird time to be an M-21 (that's me). We ae losing some very dear friends and (frighteningly) becoming the figures of authority to the newbies. I certainly don't feel qualified for giving advice for Mongolian survival. I still am trying to learn the ropes of ger living. Also, with the M-2os headed home, it has gotten me thinking about how amazing it must feel to see all the people you love after 2 years abroad.

I've been missing you all alot lately.

ANYHOW. I'm in the aimag now, getting ready to finally compete in this sports competition that e have been training our asses off for for the last month. I found out this morning that the sports complex in the aimag opens at 5:30 am.

So, wish me luck!

Before we hit the road, we conjured up some luck from the holy mountain.

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