Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Site Placement and Moving On!

Hey guys!

I come to you from a cute little internet cafe in Ulaanbataar city, just days before I swear in as a Peace Corps volunteer! Life is very exciting right now.

I got my site placement (Dariganga soum in Sukhbataar aimag: It's a apparently an unknown oasis in eastern Mongolia. I am VERY excited. A huge swan migration comes through my town twice a year, it is apparently riddled with small lakes, the Gobi starts a mere 10 minute walk away (sand dune jumping, anyone?), and has one of the most sacred mountains in Mongolia (unfortunately, because it is sacred, women can't climb it). I've been told numerous times that I have totally lucked out with my site placement.

I will be living in a ger and teaching at a school of about 500 students. I am 5 hours from the nearest volunteer. This is the real thing. I am in for quite the experience.

So here are some pictures to entertain you all. I miss you very much and want some letters! Oh speaking of letters, you can send stuff to Me, Sukhbataar Soum, Dariganga Aimag, Mongolia (via China). Simple, no?

Look! I'm a teacher!

Typical Americans. Must. Make. Pizza.

The BEST training site ever.

My little DYY, Dawaa

Weather is so amazing here. I can watch an entire storm cell move across the sky while standing in the sun.
I learned and performed a Mongolian dance for the community! Video coming soon...

Andrew, a dear good sitemate, looking awesome in his traditional dell.

Props to Carolyn. Best picture I've seen yet. (PS this is a ger... I will be living in that!)


  1. So wait I'm confused do we still send you stuff to the current address in Ulaanbaatar or do we just swap that out for the stuff you just posted?

  2. My Sarah-
    I'm glad you have the internet once again. Life was rough not hearing from you.