Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Land of the Blue Sky

MAN. It has been a loooong week. I feel like I have been in Mongolia for much longer than 5 days (has it only been that long??)

Anyhow, brace yourselves... this may (will) be lengthy.

First off, some administrative stuff... Turns out, I am not allowed to post my specific whereabouts on my blog. Which means I"ll be pretty vague as to where I am and will not be able to post my permanent address. My temporary address is the Peace Corps headquarters... you can send me stuff there until August (it is located on the side bar). Also, as an added precaution, PC urges me to password protect my blog. So, starting next time I have internet (who knows when that will be), you will need a password to access my blog. It will be my middle name. If you don't know it... email/facebook me or my parents or whoever may know. Ok. Done with that.

But to Mongolia.

The first night we arrived, we all passed out on our bus ride over and zombie-like found our way to our dorm rooms. When we woke up the next morning, a STUNNING landscape took all our breaths away. The aimag we are currently staying at is surrounded by green mountains, huge pastures, and the biggest sky I have ever seen. Truly. It's HUGE.

So the past days, we all wake up, take a probably cold (unless you are lucky) shower and spend 8 hours learning as much as we can about Mongolia, teaching, the Peace Corps, and each other. Today was a very exciting day because we found out about our host families! I will be living in a house (don't get excited... still no running water or any luxury I am accustomed to) with my mom, dad, and two little sisters. I move in with them tomorrow. I am placed in the smallest aimag which means I am not sure how much internet access I am going to get. [I am feeling particularly rushed right now because there are 10 volunteers waiting for internet] Hopefully, I will be able to post pictures and more information about what I have been doing later next week.

So, until then, I am sorry for the boring posts, but trust me I have plenty to share.



  1. Just so you know..the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night.

  2. Chicago has been poppin in celebration of the Hawks. 2 million in the streets on Friday. Miss you. Very glad you got there safely. Can't wait to read more about your family you are staying with